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European imported furniture offline experience Pavilion Hangzhou station, experience luxury connotation home [Italian home]

how much do you know about European furniture? In our impression, European furniture is a synonym for luxury, beauty and refinement. In addition to the basic furniture, European furniture has a special gorgeous effect on the walls, ceiling chandeliers and floor tiles of the room. Among them, the living room is the place that can best reflect the style. In the living room, the TV wall background and sofa are the most colorful places, so these places are also one of the most important areas to choose furniture. Let's have a look

lamps and lanterns are also very important in home decoration. In the past, the biggest role of lamps and lanterns was lighting, but now people have a certain pursuit of beauty, and lamps and lanterns are no exception. Today's lamps and lanterns also have a certain decorative role in addition to lighting

in fact, it's easy to buy real European furniture, and we don't have to face the situation. At present, more than 4000 European home building materials brands have established cooperation with Italian home, so we can buy imported furniture as long as we are in Italian home

and Italian home has now become a professional one-stop service platform for European imported home building materials in the Chinese market. Offline experience pavilions have been set up in many cities. The address of Hangzhou experience pavilions is room 208, No. 22, Great Wall Street, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, so friends in Hangzhou can directly go to the experience pavilions to buy imported furniture





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