Interior decoration tips color selection of cabine

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In addition to considering its practical value, the color of the cabinet in the kitchen is also very important, because it directly affects people's mood when eating. At the beginning of design, people should deduce the feeling of kitchen and restaurant according to their preferences, and then through the main color

white: pure and spotless. The kitchen cabinet with white as the main tone presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling. It is undoubtedly the best choice for people who like to be clean and quiet. The matching of the contrast color of white and black will create a simple calm effect, and the matching of white and any color will be very harmonious

yellow: yellow in the traditional sense is a symbol of dignity. Light yellow can match with a variety of colors to achieve satisfactory results, such as blue, green, red, etc. bright apricot yellow will create a youthful and unrestrained artistic conception

blue: This is a dreamlike color, which gives people a clear and romantic feeling. Blue is more fresh and elegant against the white background, full of decorative taste, which makes the heart of the noise dock in a quiet harbor, especially suitable for white-collar workers who are nervous about work

blue matches yellow. I feel that there is enough light and I am particularly awake. Embellish the blue cupboard with orange red, so as to add a kind of lightness and liveliness to the depth. With the bold use of gray blue as the main tone, a refreshing mood will naturally arise

green: relaxed and pleasing to the eye is the first impression of green. The change of green depth makes people relaxed and happy, from light green to gray green, and then dark green. The outdoor and indoor colors gradually transition. Light green is like the floor of the field, yellow is like the cabinet of autumn leaves, and dark green is like the countertop of pine needles, forming a natural scenery, which makes people feel suddenly bright. The combination of light green and light blue can make the kitchen full of vitality

natural color of wood: This is a kind of rustic color of returning to nature. Being in the space constructed by simple solid wood, plus the decorations of flowers and plants, will make life more rural and beneficial to physical and mental health. Many elderly people, stable personalities and owners prefer wood

natural color cabinets. When you can, the simplicity of wood is supplemented by light blue and dark green, which can highlight the warm feeling

Red: passionate, festive and auspicious, which is the spirit of red. Red is the most appropriate for newlyweds, which can better show the vitality of life, and red can stimulate appetite. Red and white can make the whole more change and vitality. The collocation of red and yellow has a kind of overwhelming enthusiasm, supplemented by the festive and auspicious color technique of old-fashioned furniture, which will make the cabinet show a new atmosphere of prosperity

silver grey: it seems to come from space. It is the product of modern civilization, symbolizing efficiency, health and enthusiasm. Silver grey shows its massiness in simplicity, which makes people restore a peaceful state of mind. This tone is attached to the cabinet space with exquisite cutting, as if it were an aircraft in space

the color selection of kitchen floor tiles is generally matched with the same color or contrast color, which can play a prominent or coordinated role




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