If you want to be quiet in the noisy world, a 1m r

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In the noisy world, after a busy day outside, do you also want to have a quiet corner, take off your fatigue, hold a cup of tea and a few good books, and let your whole heart rest here

in the noisy world, after a busy day outside, do you also want to have a quiet corner, take off your fatigue, hold a cup of tea and a few good books, let the whole heart gently ripple in this leisure space, and quietly enjoy your own leisure time. In fact, if you want to have such a leisure corner, only 1m2 is enough

comfortable side table

how to create a comfortable 1m2 reading corner? Then start by choosing a suitable side table

some water cups and books will be placed on the small side table, so the height of the side table is generally the same as that of the chair, which is convenient to take easily

the pink leather sofa is best matched with the iron metal edge. Every angle tells of fashion and refinement

the edges formed by such a three-dimensional geometric metal frame add a cool and transparent feeling to this 1m2 quiet space. If you want a quiet and exquisite reading corner, how can such a combination be less

soft sofa

the choice of sofa is also the top priority. A comfortable seat in line with ergonomics can completely relax your body and mind. You can't help falling in love with this small world

skin friendly fabric sofa is the first choice. Soon, the price is moderate, and it is also very convenient to disassemble and wash. It is comfortable and warm with a small shelf

having a sofa naturally requires a comfortable footstool. You can't help turning over your favorite books in the sofa, and your feet are casually placed on the footstool. The feeling of complete relaxation of your body is really overwhelming ~

many people like the softness of the lazy sofa, but the lazy sofa has too soft sitting surface, too much sinking, and your neck will ache after reading for a long time. If you like the softness of the lazy sofa very much, Remember that a thick backrest must be placed in the rear to protect the cervical vertebrae. The cool cane chair is most suitable for summer. Lean on it quietly, pick up a leisure book, and the afternoon glow ripples on the solid wood floor, telling of the quiet good time

reading lamp

the reading corner not only needs a comfortable feeling of relaxation, but also pays attention to the protection of vision. When the light is insufficient, the reading lamp emits a soft light, lighting up a quiet space. The floor lamp must remember to buy a light source with the lamp cap down and gather, so that the light can be concentrated on the book

natural light

the scattered light of sunlight through windows and gauze curtains brings a comfortable feeling to the human eye. This kind of natural light is the most suitable for reading

the best place for light is near the window. Put comfortable sofa chairs and shelves, and a casual and simple reading corner is completed. Such large French windows make the atmosphere of the reading corner more vivid and bright, avoid the boredom of long-term reading, and enjoy embracing the bright sunshine! Reasonable storage

the storage system is a necessary condition for a perfect reading corner. It can not only make effective use of space, but also make your reading corner more beautiful and tidy. In fact, stacking books is a shelf, which saves space and is beautiful and practical. If there are too many books, you might as well put a bookcase against the wall beside the wall and store your favorite books by category

the space on the wall can not be ignored. Whether embedded or wall mounted design, it is a good way to store the reading corner

green plant decoration

various green potted plants can sweep away the fatigue of reading. Tired of reading, I looked up and saw a lush landscape, and my eyes and heart followed. The light green potted plants light up this fresh space, the fragrance of green plants spreads in the space, and even books are stained with natural fragrance. It's better to move the reading corner to the balcony or courtyard! A chair, several pots of vibrant green plants, broad vision and soft colors make the reading corner look so quiet and peaceful

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